Inclusive design of playground and play equipment

An important quality to Ramplines play equipment is that it can be used by everyone, regardless of their age or abilities. Because of this, inclusive design is a key factor in our development of play equipment.

Play equipment and playgrounds with inclusive design

Play and activity are equally important to everyone!

When we know how important play and activity is for well-being and development both physically and mentally. It’s therefore a basic value in Rampline that we design for everyone, not for anyone. As developers and designers we see opportunities in limitations. It’s about focusing on smart solutions and good design that everyone benefit from. Our goal of universal design is to develop solutions that invite individuals equally, that is, everyone finds something they can master with their abilities. Our balance parks are unique and in a class of its own for the development of balance. Balance is fundamental to human functionality and equally important for everyone to practice.

What is inclusive design?

In 2006, the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted by the UN General Assembly an here is their definition:

Universal design means the design of products, environments, programmes and services to be usable by all people, to the greatest extent possible, without the need for adaptation or specialized design. Universal design shall not exclude assistive devices for particular groups of persons with disabilities where this is needed.

This makes Rampline’s play equipment and balance parks designed with inclusive design:


Photo: Monica Larsen and Rampline
On our product pages, you can read about how each product is inclusive designed.


What can we do to help you?

Rampline specialise in developing playground equipment for optimal development of basic physical skills.

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Lek og trening gjennom hele livet!

Visste du at Ramplines aktivitetsapparater er ypperlig også for pensjonister? For mange eldre er dårlig balanse svært hemmende for et aktivt og sosialt liv. Vi har apparater som passer utmerket for stimulering av balanse og trening av kjernemusklatur. Ta kontakt med oss for mer informasjon!


Trening for barn og ungdom med funksjonsnedsettelser

Ramplines aktivitetsapparater noe av det ypperste av treningsapparater på markedet for stimulering av balanse, bevegelse og styrke. For barn, unge og voksne med nedsatt funksjonsevne våre aktivitesapparater store muligheter for utvikling av basale ferdigheter.

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Rampline tegner den ultimate aktivitetsarenaen

Et leke- og aktivitetsområde er mer enn bare aktivitetsapparatene. Vi tegner balanseparker med optimal tilgjengelighet med gunstig og fin avgrensning. Konakt oss – vi finner den beste løsningen sammen!

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