multi activity ramp

This is multi activity ramps that provides an easy and safe approach to good physical movement. The welded steel ramps are excellent springboards to train classic and creative movements. They provide children with early exercise in climbing as well the mastery of swinging movements. The dimensions of the steel make the steel easy to grip for small hands. Excellent also for professional athletes. Comes in two sizes:

Rampit 85

Multi activity ramp

Net price

1 350 EUR

The size makes this play equipment ideal from 3 years of age. Stimulates children's needs to climb, lift and swing around. For children, youth and adults this is a good device for varied exercise and activity.

/ NOTEThe product comes with several solutions for installing in different depths/areas. Please contact us for more information.

The product is TÜV certified and in accordance with NS EN 1176-1:2017

The following files are common to Rampit 85/120/150:

Rampit is made of welded, galvanized and coated steel.

OAM comes with the product.

Comes ready to install in concrete foundation.

Expansion bolts included with the product.

Installation time approx 10 min 1 person.

Installation instructions included with the product.

All measures in cm
*) 85 cm for Rampit85, and 120 cm for Rampit120 and 150 cm for Rampit150

*) 85 cm for Rampit85, and 120 cm for Rampit120 and 150 cm for Rampit150

All measures in cm
Rampit 85/120 single product/standing alone, required impact area and safety zone

Rampit 85/120 single product/standing alone, required impact area and safety zone

/ NOTE / According to EN 1176-1:2008 Rampit 86/120 can share zone with other apparaturs. Several Rampits can also be put together as a unit or group, according to EN 1176-1:2008 / 3.19. Required distance may be down to 23 cm. Rampline AS still recommend a minimum of 60 cm on the basis of giving more room for movement and exercises.

The product has no sharp edges. Everything is welded steel with rounded corners, steel dimensions are made with regard to ensuring that small hands to be able to have good grip.

Through time, it may naturally occur vandalism or the need for extended maintenance. Rampline AS therefore offers all spare parts through their entire life time. The products are designed with easy access to replace individual parts.

Contact us for ordering additional products or spare parts.

See description at Ramplines product warranty

Rampit 120 available in standard color
ral-6018yellowgreen_farge_viewRAL 6018 Yellow-green.
Comes in other colors on demand with additional cost.

Rampit 85 available in standard color
ral-4005-balilla_farge_viewRAL 4005 Purple-blue.
Comes in other colors on demand with additional cost.

Please note that the color representation on screen and print can differ slightly from the actual product.

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Rampline specialise in developing playground equipment for optimal development of basic physical skills.

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–  This playground has become a boost for the town center. We are pleased to see how much the balance park is used by children of all ages. We are very pleased with the play equipment from Rampline!

Jan Oskar Haugen, Time community

- Play equipment from Rampline are key elements in the playground and make a major contribution to the design, identity and style of 5o Øst. But most importantly, this play equipment are simply fun and used by everyone! 

Nathaniel J. Behrends, Rambøll landscape architect MNLA

– The balance park is used every day. This playground is a good complement to the other activities we offer here in Sørmarka Arena. Rampline products that are detachable, is a good solution for us..

Nina Eskeland / Sørmarka Arena, Stavanger

– We see that the activity slackline with Rampline®Park trigger all ages, it gives mastery and development.

Vaksdal School

– The best thing is that we see a higher level of activity in the playground now. Slack lining is a challenging activity, and our pupils  really develop their balance skills. We are very pleased with our Tripleslackfun from Rampline!

Jorunn Hauff, Undheim school

– We have the slackline Rampline®Beach just outside our hotel, and it is widely used. The slackline is a great pleasure for people who use the beach, Solastranden, and for our hotel guests.

Cornelius Middelthon / Sola Strand Hotel

– We are very pleased with the playground equipment from Rampline. The playground is widely used by children and adults. The quality is high and we can see that the equipment is designed to last.

Bent O. Hansen / Kvadrat Mall, Sandnes

– We have been pleasantly surprised at how the balance park trigger children's creativity! The pupils master new skills, in particular balance skills. We are pleased with how Rampline designed the entire playground.

Håvard Østhus / Fogn primary school